About us

Dog owners & animal lovers

We are married. We are Icelandic. We are animal lovers. We are dedicated dog owners. We are passionate about our pet business. We also love to travel.

Our names are Asa and Birgir Gislason. Our dogs’ names are Molly and Tess. Our company name is maxxipaws. 

maxxipaws offers premium quality dietary supplements for dogs and cats. Our product ranges are maxxidog and maxxicat.

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For dog, cat and animal lovers

maxxiblog is a sister site of our company website www.maxxipaws.com.

Our maxxipaws website offers detailed information about all our products and where to buy them. As well as health advice related to our products and information about our maxxiclub. 

maxxiblog allows us to cover more ground, to offer general advice about dog’s and cat’s health and wellbeing. Some may be related to our products, other will not. And not only health and wellbeing. We also love traveling with our dogs so we will be sharing our travel stories and whatever dog, cat or animal related we feel like covering on the day.

And there will be some offers, both on our products and from some carefully selective pet business partners.

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